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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that has officially begun, 90 sunday and 91 yesterday and 93 degrees today. but the numbers will continue to climb as we go through the middle of the week, the sea breeze has gone to work, 79 in beach haven and 88 in millville, and 93 in wilmington on the brink of 90 in trenton and in the poconos, a little bit better at 80 degrees. when you factor into the humidity, it's not oppressive, we don't see the humidity we see in july or august, the air temperature and the heat index are exactly the same for philadelphia 1 degree higher in wilmington. . the muscle maker is to the south and that is squashing any sort of rain chance and in fact, look at this, every number on the map will make it feel like the 90s, in the lower part of the united
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states. brian when i come back we'll talk talk about a break in this heat wave. >> adam thanks. philadelphia leaders continue their public push today to get people excited for our city's moment on the world stage, we got and update on the hotel space that is left for the days that pope francis is in town. these numbers are not exactly what people may have been expecting. >> no, i think it's safe to say that people in the hotel business are surprised and focused, instead of being soldout with 20 something days to go, they have inventory, and still we are told there are thousands of rooms that are still available for the papal visit. >> i have seen a lot of hotels sold out, and a lot of hotels that have over 50%, 60% of their
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inventory available. >> ed gross heads the greater philadelphia hotel association and is confident that the rooms will sellout. but the cost of the numbers is a surprise. >> we see that the people from the world meeting of families, a lot of them were not opting to stay through the weekend. >> billboards going up this week to spark interest in the papal visit, and hopefully fill hotel rooms. the mayor announcing another event, a meeting for mayors at la salle, he dismissed his other news, about philadelphia's efforts to host the pope. >> i would like to turn that page, that story was weeks behind, no offense to the "washington post." it takes people time too catch up but -- >> it needs to be on the opportunity ahead and what is still unclear is how many people will stay to see the pope, it's
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an open event, no tickets are needed and tens of thousands are suppose to arrive on charter buses but they have not said how many of those buses have signed up yet. >> so we don't know how much church buses or private buss will be coming into philadelphia, or exactly where they will drop people off, how close to the parkway they are dropping the folks off, that should be coming sometime in the near future, bright spot for the pilgrims that are deading walking across the ben franklin bridge, if you are coming from camden, it seems as if the waterfront ferry will have extended hours and they are putting them up for sale on their website. that should save them several miles of walking. live on the parkway, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks john. as john reminded us we are less than a month away from the pope's arrival in philadelphia and today it's pontiff made a
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major announcement from the vatican, a major change the way the catholic church treats women who have had an abortion, now priests can forgive a woman who had an abortion during this year of mercy. that forgiveness cannot be denied if they repent. formerly, women that had an abortion were excommunicated from the church. >> and pope francis held a special virtual audience with people across america yesterday, it was moderated by abc's david muir, we'll have special coverage of that audience on 20/20, tune in friday night for an hour of special coverage here on 6 abc. >> all right alicia. a new jersey man admitted that he forced seven women into
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prostitution in atlantic city, donny bethia plead guilty to human trafficking and sex assault and other charges, he faces up to 20 years in prison and has to register as a sex offender under megan's law, he was first arrested in august of 2013 after egg harbor township police found he was holding a 22-year-old woman against her will and forces her to have sex for money and the fbi launched an investigation and linked him to others. all between the age of 20 and 22. people continue to grieve for the news crew that were killed live on the air. marcy gonzales has more. it was a tough emotional day for the communities. >> reporter: yes, it was brian, but that service was also filled with laughter as 500 people gathered to remember this young
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man, they say always seemed happy. cameras kept at a distance as friends and family members said good-bye to adam ward, mourner as rising here and to yesterday's viewing wearing the colors of his alma matters, virginia tech. teams he spent his short life cheering on and showing their love for him at his funeral and on the field. >> a little bit we can do to say we love you and we're sorry to the parents. >> the 27-year-old camera man was killed along with allison parker live. the duo known for their warm up beat personalities were shot to death by a former co-worker. >> the way he has been described as an adult, was the way he was a child, he was vivacious and
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helpful and kind. >> as arrangements are being made the remembrances for both continue, the virginia tech football team plan to honor allison and adam wearing their stickers on their helmets and holding a moment of silence before kickoff. >> and virginia tech started a scholarship in adam's name and the sole survivor of that shooting, vicky gardner is still in the hospital but recovering. brian back to you. >> thanks marcy. two more of our local senators announced their support today for the iran nuclear deal bringing democrats closer to the number they need to keep it alive. delaware democrat, chris couns says he will vote for the deal this after bob casey announced his support and democrats have 33 votes in favor of the agreement, and if they can get
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34 it will be protected from opposition. this is how they are voting on this, couns and tom carpenter will come out for the deal and new jersey democrat, bob menendez, corey booker is the only local senator that has not yet revealed his position snoor time for the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman is standing by now showing us how things are not moving today. >> that is for sure the first afternoon commute of september, they are not moving along 95 northbound, let me point out this travel time, 71 minutes, should be 15 minutes in the northbound lanes. nowhere close. it's all because of this accident in the work zone at cotman avenue, they are blocking the two right lanes trying to clean up the off ramp is also shut down and police and penndot remain on the scene and it's
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just the single left lane slowly squeezing by the accidents scene, causing an imagine authority delay north of 95 through washington avenue and this point in cotman and that is spilling back to the vine street expressway, parked across town from the schuylkill to 95 and vine delays are spilling back to the schuylkill expressway in the teens and 20s. it's a mess, if you travel 95 northbound in the afternoons, you don't want to today. stay local on frankfurt or go into jersey and use 295 northbound, that is nice and clear at the moment. and a crash in lower merion, one in olden delco as well along magnolia avenue and a bad wreck on the scene in galloway township and blocking lanes of the garden state parkway at the a.c. expressway, route 9 is the
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way to go instead. lets grab the ipad and do the not so pleasant tuesday afternoon, single digit speeds across the board and a lot of people complaining about the complete stand still. check the alternates like frankfurt avenue, you'll be and to fine a better route than 95. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> quite a backup there. still ahead, big changes for anyone that shops on amazon, why the company is scaling back on one of their most popular perks. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses. >> because i'm not. >> under whose authority? >> under gosd's authority. >> one person's stand against same-sex marriage leads to a confrontation, the couple that came face-to-face with a government employee that refused to give them a marriage license.
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a county clerk in kentucky is refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples even though the supreme court says she has to. today she held her ground because she says she is standing for god. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> because i'm not. >> why not. >> under whose authority. >> under god's authority. >> that is judge davis looking over her counter at the couple and a packed crowd of reporters and activists. >> this is not a house of god. >> davis standing her ground. >> would you do this to an inter-racial couple? >> a man and woman, no. >> i pay your salary, i pay you to discriminate against me right now i'm paying for this memory with my partner i have been with
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for 17 years. >> they want davis to be held in contempt of court for not upholding the federal law. >> nobody can force her to do her job, she can continue to deny us, and treat us like second class citizens. >> a district court judge ordered her and her deputies to appear at a court on thursday. and hopefully they can hash it out. and those couples able to get their marriage licenses. >> thank you alicia. investigators are looking into a deadly police shooting caught on camera in san antonio, texas, appears to show gilbert flores with his hands up before the deputy fired deadly shots and killed the 43-year-old. they were investigating a domestic disturbance that may
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have injured a woman and child and the district attorney is reviewing video of the confrontation. now september picked up where august left off. the dow closed 470 points down on the day, u.s. markets followed a global selloff, follow bid a weak manufacturing report out of china. the dow down again today. amazon is scaling back one of its most popular perks, amazon prime members get free two day shipping and now amazon is testing something called shop by region, it lets merchants decide how far their items will ship, that means it may not be free if it's coming from farther away. but not all bad news for prime customers, it will let members
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download movies and tv shows to watch off line free of charge. don't be alarmed. the super popular pop band, one direction is performing at lincoln financial field. one member of the group took social media by storm, when he popped into a local pizza place last night. >> at first beth from the corner pizza shop in villanova says he didn't realize who she was serving. >> he said that is harry stiles and i was like who is harry stiles. >> i think i would have had the same reaction. >> i found out quickly who he was. >> people started to pose for selfies, a crowd quickly gathered outside of the shop and we spoke with students that say that word spread like wild fire. >> someone came running into our dorm and telling everyone and
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there were people sprinting out of their rooms. >> and by the time the fan as arrived in droves, mr. stiles was gone. beth says after a few minutes you got the sense his entourage was getting antsy. >> they knew it was time to go, after they left the mob came. they were coming from all over. >> as you can see from his receipt, they drove off with cheesesteaks and soda, and paid for it after the $5 owner's discount, he still doesn't understand what the big deal was. >> i thought harry stiles was harry potter and i was looking for kids on brooms. plor than 4,000 studentses in the colonial school district said so long to summer vacation, "action news" was there as children returned for their first day of class in conshohocken, the colonial
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district serves students from plymouth and white marsh township. >> it's exciting to go back to school but hard when temperatures in the 90s. lets get a check of the accuweather forecast with adam joseph. >> kid goes back to school with temperatures in the 90s and even the students not going back until next week, the 90s could be around even for the second round as they go back. a live look now, it's beautiful and looking summer-like from the view from the camera, a lot of plants, desperately needing water, but they are looking decent, outside of our studios, 93 degrees, the dew point sitting at 93 degrees, atmosphere, the heat index the same as the air temperature, and calm wind, 89 in trenton and 88 in allentown and reading, and
4:20 pm
the sea breeze at the shore. and cape may sitting at 80 degrees, the air temperature doesn't go up all that much with the humidity that helps in september, that the humidity is lower, and 9 in allentown and feels like 94 in wilmington and 95 in dover and beach haven at 82 degrees. as we look at the month of september as a whole, the very first day, which is today, the average high temperature is 83 degrees, we were 10 degrees above normal. as we get towards the end of the month here on the 30th of september, the average high drops to 72 degrees, at some point we'll have a big switch here in those temperatures in the 90s and they are replaced with 70s for highs, also with the rainfall, it's pretty wet month, we typically see 4 inches of rain and we need to make up ground since august gave us little in the way of rain, as we
4:21 pm
look at satellite, showers are suppressed to virginia, and high pressure is in control and that will be the case as we go through much of the week. tonight a moonlit sky, warm and muggy, 66 in dinner and dover and low 70s for you at the shore this week on vacation. your day planner, 77 in the morning and then we climb early in the morning and the sea breeze may puncture in as far west as philadelphia, trying to drop the numbers a little bit plate in the afternoon. your four day at 4:00, a scorcher on tap for tomorrow, 94 degrees as we get into thursday it's hot and steamy with a temperature of 95 degrees and then scattered thundershower early on friday with temperatures of 88, and over the weekend we begin sunny and nice and 85 degrees and low humidity, we are starting to inch closer to normal in our four day at
4:22 pm
4:00, however, we flip things around, and we'll talk about it in the next half hour. >> you know how i know you are a professional. you didn't fall there. >> you didn't see it. you keep my legs planted. 30,000 meals in 30 days, that is the ambitious goal, the action cam was there as the great food fight got underway, it got going as part of the national hunger month, it got things going with a $75,000 check. and there were cheerleaders and hooter the owl on hand, to rally this crowd of volunteers. >> still ahead here a new home for philadelphia state police, we'll take you inside of brand new headquarters in our area, and people are looking for cheap ways to stream video from the interests net. we have popular choices to tell you which one is the best buy. >> and every father of the bride
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two children remain in critical condition today after they and their mom were hit by a car in ocean county. it happened late last night in lakewood. the 27-year-old was crossing route 9 with a 4-year-old and 1 yl they were struck just before sock. the mother has cuts on her face and both kids have head injuries, all three are at jersey shore university medical center and the driver did stop and so far the police have not filed any charges. pennsylvania state police stations at the barracks in winfield heights moved into a new home today, troopers moved into the old barracks and into new headquarters right next door, it was built in 1949 and
4:27 pm
was in bad need of an upgrade. crews will tear the old building down. >> they are right around the corner from here. our neighbors. congrats to them. a dog is shot dead after approaching a man at a local park, the owner says he was friendly and the shooter says he was not. looking to stream video on the internet, and don't have a smart tv, how about a streaming stick. good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism,
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scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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"action news" continues. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the local wrestling legend now charged in the decaded old murder of his girlfriend. >> plus, should but we begin at 4:30 with a story lighting up social media. you are looking at a german shepard puppy, porter, porter
4:30 pm
was shot after approaching people at a public park and the owner says the dog was being friendly and the shooter says that was not the case, one thing is certain, porter is dead today and the couple wants someone held accountable. and now chad pradelli is live to explain why no one is facing charges. >> the dog's owners want the shooter prosecuted but cases like this is not clear-cut and the shooter and his wife felt they were in danger. the shooter had a permit to carry a weapon and he was walking his wife to the bus stop at 6:30 a.m., when the german shepherd, porter fetched a ball and porter growled and barked and lunged at his wife and then the man shot the dog once, killing it. >> the owner claims the dog was startled but roughly 20 feet away when he was shot.
4:31 pm
he says the use of force was excessive, and the 11-month-old was friendly. >> it's a tough situation. >> you can see both sides of it? >> i can. >> if i felt threatened. you do anything to protect a loved one and also the animal was a loved one to the person. >> philadelphia leash laws are in place to prevent what happened monday morning, kelly park has signs saying all animals have to be on a leash, those laws are to protect animals and thish owners and other people. the spca has not spoke on the case but if there is a clear risk for bodily harm, they can use force for protection. now there is a lot of response on facebook. porter's owners would not go on camera for fear of retribution
4:32 pm
and attempts to can't the shooter is unsuccessful. >> the police continue to investigate and the district attorney will ultimately decide on charges. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a wrefrtling legend is now charged in the death of his girlfriend more than 32 years ago. today lehigh county authorities announce third degree murder against jimmy super fly snucka, they say he assaulted nancy arran arrangeteno back in 1993, police opened the case last year and he was arrested today in watertown township, new jersey. two delaware county men are facing charges after a long simmering workplace dispute turned violent today, chopper 6 hd was over the 1500 block in
4:33 pm
havertown, where two workers started fighting around noon, police say that one of the men slashed the other man in the neck leaving a minor cut and both face charges including aggravated assault. a bloody brawl outside of a youth softball game earned two fathers a year of probation, this video was shot in maryland back in july, it shows them fighting after the game. they say their daughters used to play together and he drove to the tournament to confront duffy about an ongoing dispute about the team and both dads are fined $100. philadelphia city councilman, curtis jones had a news conference to encourage parents to join the million father march, each year dads are urged to accompany their kids to their first day of school and
4:34 pm
participate in their school year. this resumes on september 8th the first day of class in the philadelphia school district. >> you promised warm temperatures and you got it. >> there will be a big change eventually but not in the next seven day, as we look live at sky 6 hd the haze is out there, the temperature is hot at 93, the dew point has dropped to 59, we don't have much of a heat index, and not as much as the heat temperature, but that is different than atlantic city, the temperature is cooler at 80 degrees and the dew point is tropical with winds coming off the water at 6 miles per hour and the dew point has pulled up to 74 degrees, we'll show you where it feels more comfortable and drier, hotter air opposed to cooler air. and that is where you have the
4:35 pm
tropical feeling we mixed out the atmosphere north and west of the city, with dew points in the 50s and 60s and the dew points going to work bringing in the marine air all the way into southern and central new jersey and delaware. we'll chat about this heat wave and it breaks and then possibly another heat wave. all the numbers in the kevin day. >> thanks. this is hard to say, dog dock diving is getting a lot of attentions, because two pooches from burlington county are interests national ranked in the sport. monica malpass is live in the newsroom. what a pair these two are, they use the dock behind their home as a launching pad and when they take home a cash prize, their
4:36 pm
openers give away every single penny, nora muchanic has the adorable story of cello and her brother hooch. and it's time to prepare for flu season, ali gorman tells us about changes we can expect in this year's vaccines hopefully an improvement over last year's. that and more coming up at 5:00. >> monica thank you, dog dock diving. it could have gone badly. atlantic city is gearing up for the 13th annual air show and you may have spotted the blue angels overhead, practicing the formations overhead, "action news" caught up with the support personnel on the ground in egg harbor township. one was petty officer first class curtis matthews from ridley park, delaware county. >> come down here and go to wildwood when i was younger, seeing all of these familiar areas, it's like i haven't left. "action news" learned today that
4:37 pm
one familiar sight is missing from the air show, the army's golden knights skydiving team will not go because of an ongoing investigation that kill aid member during the chicago air and water show. it's that time of year, time to head back to class, the action cam was at the charter school this morning as students started the first day of the school year, they traded t-shirts and shorts for the school year today. students sat at their desks and sorted school supplies. still ahead as the news continues today, two street. those are the two words that sparked a media firestorm. >> and the letter that is breaking hearts and changing minds all across the internet today. why a father's beautiful message to his daughter has so many people talking. and a missouri man sentenced
4:38 pm
to life in prison without patrol, now walking free, his crime conspiring to sell marijuana, what it took to release him 20 years after he first went to jail. and adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather.
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a missouri man walked of prison today and into the arms as a family he never thought he would see again as a free man. [ applause ] that was how it looked when jeff hugged his family and shed tears of joy, he was sentenced to life in prison without patrol back in 1996 for conspiring to sell 6 pounds of marijuana, after intense lobbying by his supporters, the missouri governor released him. a massachusetts college student is facing charges for
4:41 pm
pushing a fellow partygoer off the roof of a garage. >> alexander marquez admitted to shoving the woman as he danced but he claimed he did it so she wouldn't hit the ground, the woman was not seriously hurt. marquez was charged with assault and battery. two fisherman in alabama did not set off to go catfishing but that is what they wound up doing after not one but two kittens swam to their boat. they came from nowhere splashing in the river. someone had dumped them in the river, and the kittens were so desperate to be saved they risked drowning. once the pair was on dry land, they were adopted by a family that watched the scene unfold. on health check at 4:00, the
4:42 pm
federal government is cracking down on apps that they say can diagnose their medical symptoms, the federal trade commission has settled lawsuits with mold detective and mole app, this was to determine if it was suspicious from an on. they say they were deceptive. >> we were not given proof that they were effective in any way. >> can you not trust the diagnose of cancer to an app that doesn't have data to back it up. >> dermatologist, laura ferris found the best app still missed 30% of cancers and the worst missed 93% of them. two big talkers now, bond, james bond has become viral, super viral because of commons made by this man right here. about just what he thinks it takes to play the debnar super spy.
4:43 pm
they are penning the newest novel, and he was unfiltered about the franchise and who he thinks should take over from daniel craig some day, idris elba is the favorite. and he thought of other black actors that could do it better. >> for me elba is a bit too rof to play the part, it's not a color issue, he say bit too street for bond. >> is it a question of being suave, the twitter has comments about that today. and it's buzzing. the father of bride is beaming walking down the aisle to give her away, this letter to his little girl has social media shedding tears of joy along with his family.
4:44 pm
to my daughter with down syndrome on her wedding day, he tells his 5-year-old jillian how radiant she looks and her smile is blooming and ever lasting, when she was young he worry that she wouldn't have friends or be treated unfairly and they said she would never get married but look at you are the nicest person i know and it worked out for you because of the person you are. he wanted to inspire other families just like his with this note. we'll post the whole thing on our website it's so beautiful. finally to a viral video that had people quacking up on the internet, a cartful of toy ducks being squeezed all at once. >> a guy named kevin sims posted the video to youtube and was trying to embarrass his girlfriend with the noise, but the duck army is becoming quite
4:45 pm
the gaggle of internet darlings with parodies popping up all over the place. ♪ lying on the cold hard ground -- >> how about that, a duet with taylor swift, quite the backup singers. and rubber ducky, what is what i want to hear them jump in on. >> that is the sound on i-95 now stuck in all of that traffic. >> alicia thank you. speaking of i-95, what a mess it is there, matt pellman is standing by. >> you hear that? >> it may be car horns, from the backup singers to the backed up traffic there is a whole lot of it along 95 this afternoon, 66 minutes, is where we currently stand at from the vine to woodhaven, the problem say crash at cotman, i'm not sure why the camera is like this, but to the far right of your screen, the
4:46 pm
penndot crews are taking out the far right lane because of the fuel spill, a 10 mile parking lot starting aren't tasker in south philadelphia through this point at cotman avenue and the delays continue to spill back on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway, also a parking lot from 76 to i-95, those are spilling back to 76 itself. if you hear nothing else from me, the bottom line is, don't head for northbound 95 or eastbound vine at this point that afternoon. it's just an absolute mess, stay loc local on frankford avenue and speeds like broad street, 19 are better than the single digits on northbound 95, or i would work may way into new jersey and take 295 northbound, we are watching the closure of the a.c.
4:47 pm
expressway because of an overturned vehicle. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, adam joseph with your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast that is next. (plays throughout)
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
you can play mini golf and go on the carousel and enjoy ice-cream and hamburgers as well. i'm trying to remember what they have on the menu there. as we look at double scan live radar not much fwog on it's hazy and hot and on the humid side but this stripe of green south and east of the philadelphia, it's not rain but double scan live radar picking up on the sea breeze front that is pushed in from the coast with winds wrapping in from the southeast. we have the convergence of the wind and it comes in and rises the air and that is the switch in wind direction, you can see we are at 81, and 80 in cape may, so it cools off a little at the shore but it's still humid down there, 88 in millville and jump into the 90s for wilmington and philadelphia with the front has not pushed that far inland
4:51 pm
and into the north and west always a tad bit cooler than philadelphia because of the higher terrain. satellite and radar all the cloud cover streaming well into canada, that is the jet stream separating the cooler air to the north and the very hot air to the south, in fact as we look at the weather map, we have high pressure off to the east and another big high pressure to the south and west and that is anchoring the heat and humidity, and moderately humid at 94 degrees, as we lift to the north we are watching the front here closing in at the end of the week, it's still in the north on wednesday, thursday is still hot and humid and very late thursday night and early friday morning as the front slips through, we could see a scattered downpour and thunderstorms and behind it refreshing high pressure comes in for the holiday weekend, it will be cooler but at least be on the sunny side. 72 is your ocean temperature, 83 tomorrow at the shore, warm and
4:52 pm
muggy, and a nice sea breeze goes into effect, be careful if you have an umbrella make sure it's anchored and strong coming off the water, the exclusive accuweather forecast, a september scorcher for your wednesday, 94 degrees, hot and steamy on wednesday, we peek the heat wave at 95, and scattered downpour or thunderstorm with the front dropping to 88 and the weekend looks perfect with respect to the sunshine, 85 on saturday and low humidity, and we go back up to 90, and low humidity sunday and the sizzle is back for labor day, and possibly another heat wave, and a week from now is still 91 degrees, we desperately need rain and unfortunately very little in the next seven days guys. >> thank you very much. what is the deal coming up next.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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there are new ways to stream videos these days but how does it work? nydia han checks it out. >> a streaming stick is an easy way to watch content on your television. consumer reports looks at three top sellers. wants to watch videos on virtually any television. streaming sticks can do that, they are about the size of a thumb drive and they connect to your home wifi, making any tv a smart tv. these are the lowest cost options and they are smaller and less on on -- the amazon fire tv stick and the ruku and google chrome cast. going is the least expensive but
4:56 pm
to operate it you need a smart phone or tablet loaded with the chrome cast. >> you use your tablet or own device or laptop computer to access hbo and cast it to your tv. >> for $50 the roku streaming stick lets you use an app, but comes with a handy wifi remote as well. it has the most channels and lets you know when the newer movies are available to stream. >> you still have to pay for content that is not free. >> that is one advantages to the amazon prime stick, you get the movies and content if you an amazon prime subscriber. >> transformers. >> if you are in the market for a new media streaming player and prefer a box style player, you
4:57 pm
may want to consider of the three roku boxes. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> now for sara bloomquist, alicia vitarelli andam joseph i'm brian taff. >> "action news" at 5:00 is next. see you later.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. september starting off with a heat wave, the fifth one this summer and the temperatures in the 90s stick around and it's a good idea to stay hydrated if you have to be outside. better yet just stay indoors, looking at sky 6 hd in atlantic city there is little relief on the ocean but warm on the beach so why not be there tonight. it's tuesday evening and the big story is the hot and dry conditions making it uncomfortable outside and prompted an ozone action day. >> melissa magee joins us outside with the latest from accuweather. the heat is on again. >> that is right monica and
5:00 pm
rick, we have the heat overhead and it's heat wave number five for philadelphia this year, it started out on sunday with a high of 91, yesterday's high was 90 and today climbing up to 94 degrees, average for us this time of year is 83, we are well above that this afternoon. number as long the 95 corridor are still in the lower 90s although 89 in trenton but you look at the numbers off the coast, beach haven 80 and 80 in cape may, a strong sea breeze pushing inland and impacting temperatures in millville, 87 there but along the 95 corridor, you jump to the numbers in the lower 90s, the dew point is on the hot side but we are not dealing with oppressive conditions along the 95 corridor and points north and west where we have the strong sea breeze pushing inland and you are dealing with the warmth and humidity, the


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